Oocyte/Egg Donation

If you want to help a couple or woman to pursue their dream of having a child, cared for and loved, you can do it at Ferticare.

Ferticare is looking for healthy women between the ages of 18 and 33, with no history of sexual or hereditary diseases

How is the donation processed?

The selection process involves a thorough clinical interview, physical examination and blood work. The selection process is completed when these results are analyzed. The characteristics of the donor are taken into account and, when there is a suitable recipient, a process of stimulation of the ovaries is initiated. The development of the follicles is then evaluated by ultrasound and the collection of oocytes is programmed, under sedation (without pain)

How long does it take?

The selection period is variable. The stimulation and collection process, in most cases, takes between 10 to 14 days and usually involves 3 to 5 visits.

Can they know my identity?

The donation is confidential, that is, only a limited number of people directly involved in the treatment have access to your identity. Neither the donor knows who uses her gametes nor the recipient knows who donated.

However, people born of the treatment may have access to their identity in the future, when they achieve adulthood.

Do I have any rights or duties over a child born from a treatment?

You have absolutely no obligations or rights, and in no way can you be regarded as the parent of a child born from a treatment.

Is there a financial compensation?

Portuguese law mandates compensation of €871.52 for the inconvenience and travel expenses, possible work absences, etc., caused by this voluntary and benevolent act.

How can I be a donor?

Contact Ferticare.