Mission, Values and Vision


To promote health services in the field of reproductive medicine with the highest standards of competence and respect for the dignity and well-being of patients.


Address the specialty of reproductive medicine with rigor, transparency, quality and expected/regulated consent.

Use the best available techniques to achieve the sought results on services, and internationally recognized levels of efficiency.
Permanently accompany patients, in the provision of adequate services and in compliance with legal and regulatory norms, ethical and deontological principles.
Guide the company’s operational culture, with technical credibility and management control criteria, which will ensure the viability and sustainability of Ferticare.


To be a reference Medically Assisted Peproduction Center in the Minho region, Northern Portugal, offering excellent services to patients.

Continuously work in search for relationships of common benefit with employees, suppliers and service providers, with a view to continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and activities, as well as to offer the best current skills in the field.